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The match between Twente and AZ Alkmaar finally fulfilled his expectations, the vision was a very thrilling game in which it fell just four goals and two red cards. Until the very end it seemed that finally the guests from AZ gain valuable three points, but the home side won at least one point thanks to goal in the second minute set. Alkmaar is thus still the fourth to forty-seven points and the third Feyenoord has a deficit of two points, Enschede is the Unibet eleventh thirty-five points.

Home began the match very actively and as early as 11 minutes to get in line. After a pass into the penalty area completely forgot about defense at AZ lone Guierréze, who hit the post, after another heart his head on the ball from the goal line Luckassen. In the middle of the first half could open the score Moroccan midfielder Ziyech that ran perpendicular to the defense and the right side obstřelil goalkeeper surplice, but before the goal line, kicking the ball returning Vlaar.

Enschede certainly persisted in pressure and your opponent also begin playing, in the 26th minute after a shot from an angle Unibet betting welcome bonus even sent it outside upper bar. Alkmaar for the first time seriously shook up in the 39th minute when from a middle distance fired Levi Garcia and his shot bounced off the crossbar behind the home goal. Three minutes later, on the other hand, he got another chance to Ziyech, but the head from ten meters missed the far post. The second half was even more interesting.

In the 51st minute opened the account Goal Sunday’s clash Vincent Janssen, who has already scored for the twentieth time in this year’s Eredivisie debut and took the lead scorer. After some beautiful one-touch recording eventually van Overeem of the Unibet penalty area boundary on the right side, where the ball got just Janssen and a gentle angle beautifully hit the far post. Home a more complicated situation after an hour of play.

After a corner was not clear rough basketball betting games committed Zakaria El Azzouzi, who fouled Luckassena and a straight red card had a leverage off the pitch. However, four minutes later, the forces on the lawn leveled when Stijn Wuytens stopped promising action and also after he left his second yellow card lawn prematurely. Enschede to face the fifteen Unibet minutes before the end thanks to Stefan Theskera.

He ran onto a cross from the left wing from Ziyecha head and from eight meters overcame goalkeeper surplice. However, guests have responded in two minutes, keeping them returned Thom Haye. After recording Garcia steered the ball closer to the middle of sunny days and good thirty meters walked closer to the upper corner, goalkeeper Marsman was no chance.

Twente but still did not surrender and in the end fell into two Unibet huge possibilities. First 89 minutes hard Thesker fired off a cannon shot and reflexively turned away for a corner Rochet, the latest action game, but he used the passport and head Cabral finished seven meters to the left post, De Grolsch Veste stadium erupted immense joy.


After a really promising entry into the season they were expected to Nice after a couple of matches falls and leaves a higher position other favorites of the Ligue first did not happen. Whatever his current engagements happen however, and after the twelfth round will bask in the top position. But in Caen definitely nekřepčí joy, location at an elevation band certainly not pleasant.

Visiting coach Lucien Favre leads a very young team that is brave and not afraid of anything. In excellent form, for example, got a midfielder Alassane Plea, which in October against Meta has completed his first ever hat-trick paid off eventually risky arrival of Mario Balotelli, who in five league encounters Abraham planted for six wickets.

Only in the Europa League with OGC not fail. Thursday’s defeat to Salzburg, who until then did not gain a single point, a significantly slammed the door into the online football live betting spring playoffs. “We feel that we are improving little by little,” said the defender Dante. “We know that there are many things that we need to work. I always talk about the negatives that we learn.”

The club would have on the Côte d’Azur downright loved the Stade Michel d’Ornano, it certainly can not say. For the last twelve matches within the top competition he won only twice. If, however, does not want to lose a comfortable six-point lead, a full point gain will clearly needed. Especially against an opponent who is out of form.

Pets least records the current state of the infirmary, though they still have to do without captain Julien Feret. Excluded is no longer start the defenders Emmanuel Imoroua and Syama Ben Youssef and even striker Yann Karamoha. Coach Patrice Garand can not be satisfied at all passing month, his team lost four out of five cases.

Last SMC fell for the second time in a short time on the soil Nancy, who was a few days before the stalk has exhibited also in the Coupe de la Ligue, and with whom he also fights to save. “If we want to get rid of our problems, we have to work to be better technically, especially in attack. Our position in the table was really not happy,” said Garand.

In the 26th lap top competition will welcome Spartak Trnava on a new stadium FK Senica. Guests at the jar still nezvíťazili, Trnave fled Cup ladder.

Neighbors in the table – a seventh and an eighth Trnava Senica – separated by eight points. Spartak in the 25th round sporting bet resulted in Ruzomberok after half-time 1: 0, but ultimately suffered defeat 1: 3rd “The game we started well, we’ve got the opening goal. The only moment that affected the development of the entire meeting, was that we had to take online sports betting turns Baeza for his indiscipline. We could not take the chance sportingbet that we would have played from the 30th minute on one less,” he explained the potential causes of failure ANDĚLOVÁ coach Ivan Hucko. In záhoráckom derby Senica compiled a 2: 2 draw with potápajúcou be Skalica. “He believed’ve seen that an array will return players to injury. This has happened with Robo Pillárom is sucked defense solidified. He also compared to 2: 2. Disliked that nevypracúvame more chances. Goals Provide a whole stopper, so over thereby we have to think, and sportingbet to incorporate, “he was heard Senica coach Dušan Vrťo.

Jar Trnava won the main award at 1: 0 in Michalovciach also at home with Dunajska Streda. Additionally, twice and tied twice took all the points your opponent. Senica tied three times, three times overheated and sportingbet dropped out of Slovnaft Cup. In the quarter-finals she was excluded at Slovan bullets from the penalty shoting odds spot after the result 1: 1 odds , a gaming in due time. The respective matches in the current year vyznievajú slightly better for Senica. TA Trnavou first home tied 0: 0, in retaliation, however, won the main award at the sportingbet opponent’s broth 1: 0th Spartakom match between Trnava and FK Senica has a scheduled opening kickoff on Saturday at 17:00.