The composition of the implementation team for the 2016/2017 season was approved by the Executive Committee of the Hockey Union and essentially fulfilled all the wishes of the coach Josef Jandač.

This will continue to be available to assistants of Jiří Kalousek with Jaroslav Špaček, She was sleeping. However, because he lives in Florida, he will help the national team only on December’s Channel One Cup in Russia and the World Championship. On the contrary, all the events will be attended by the main scout Jiří Fischer, whose service could not be Jandač to compliment. Martin Ručinský, as well as his adjutant Milan Hnilička, who has so far worked at the top 20, will be online betting bonuses at full-time.There he will be replaced by Otakar Černý, the current manager of choice up to 19 years.

“As international trends and experiences from other countries show, in today’s hockey, wider implementation teams are a necessity,” said Tomas Kral, President of the Union. “Before Janda’s coach and co-workers is the closest task to the world championship, but she must work with the perspective of the next Olympics, whether or not the overseas players will participate. This is also associated with the selection and inclusion of new candidates for the team. ”

The senior team will continue to work with goalkeeping coach Petr Jaros, video coach Denis Havel, fitness coach Michal Hamršmíd, kustodi Zdeněk Šmíd and Petr bet online Ondráček or press spokesman Zdeněk Zikmund.Dušan Singer and Tomáš Vyskočil are physicians, physicists such as Pavel Kolář, Michal Truc and Radovan Sakalas.

“I am glad that all members of the team confirmed the interest to continue and managed to find a model that corresponds both the interests of representation and the wishes of the union, “says Jandač. “At the World Cup, our cooperation was smooth and we agreed that everyone found a place in the implementation team that corresponds to its focus.In addition, we have gained a number of insights we can bring to bear on and take part in other events. ”

The World Cup experience – whether it be gaming trends, rival analysis, or division of competencies in wider implementation teams – , which is coached by coach Jandač and will be directed to coaches of extra-league and youth teams.